What's my art work about?

Sarah’s work focuses on the strength and the endurance of the human spirit. 


Exploring the vibrancy of two everlasting forces, the heart and soul. 


‘The Colour of Love’ brings forth the vibrancy, strength and courage of the heart. Each peace in this collection is homage to different life experiences we encounter throughout our life, from the excitement of a first love to the healing heart. Like life we are ever changing.

Delving deeper, past the heart into the soul Sarah explores the conflict we face in her new series name “Anam” meaning soul in Irish – the internal circle representing the purity of our soul, surrounded by that is our individual personality, who we truly are. External to that is the self we share to the outside world, what we feel safe to put out there due to constraints placed on us by family, friends and society.

Below is a collection from her most resent open studio at Wimbledon Art Studios in London. If you wish to see her work in person please contact here here

© Sarah Ellen Reiter