Trying to find balance as an artist

Last week there was a discussion among some of my fellow artists at my studios - we touched or rather I should say, they touched on (while I listened) to how things have changed - how there’s is less time for painting as now we need to update websites, create social media posts, pack and send art - in short, run an e-commerce site and create art and the same time

This is a balance I find difficult to master, I don’t know if I will ever fully master it - Here are some of the hints and tricks I’ve developed over the past 18 months of working as a full-time artist 

Get okay with guilt

Honestly, I think this is the biggest one and most difficult. I always find I fall into that state of ‘I’m not doing enough” “I need to do this” “I could be working harder’ I mean, first of all, creating art is a full-time gig - it's not easy stuff, its soul based.

The business side of things is another full-time job - its about being organised, forward thinking and the whole shebang. All I can say really is just get comfortable with this feeling, you are doing your best and honestly, that is more than good enough!

Plan it out 

It’s super simple, right? Well in theory - although I can plan, quite effectively as I worked as a social media manager back in the day, and I tell ya, you NEED to be hella organised to win in that job.

I don’t do this as much as I should, but sitting down once a month and planning out what the key business-related goals for that month are vital. It gives you direction and takes some of the edge off that whole ‘I don’t know what the F I’m doing’ vibe. 

Schedule like a boss

Use tools like Hootsuite to help plan your social media content, it's super easy and straight forward. It's a great time saver and frees up your time to do more important things, like look out the window. 

There are some restrictions in terms of video upload spec. (Keep in mind this is a third party platform) so they need to talk to the guys at Facebook to develop particular features. It's only since ’17 that Hootsuite could automatically post on Instagram - before then you have to post manually.

I’m sure as I go on ill unearth new tricks which I will gladly share. 

Do you have any tips for trying to balance the creative and the practical sides of your business? 


© Sarah Ellen Reiter