I quit instagram - here's why

I did something I thought I would NEVER do, I temporarily deactivated my Instagram and Facebook! To be fair, I did delete my personal Facebook account in the past. For many reasons, there is a need (or I feel I must) be on Instagram. From a business perspective it makes sense - its a great way to get artwork in front of many more eyes and create personal and professional connections.

So why did I delete my Instagram account? Well let me tell you via the video below:

With where things are in my personal and professional life I felt it was right to step away from this platform. The decision came up suddenly and possibly at the worst time as I'm currently searching for work in marketing - my mind can't help but drift to the what if's of possibly missing out on a role for not being 'online' - but such is life.

Have you ever considered stepping away from social media?

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